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Procedure of opening an bank account

The process for the openings contains two steps:​​

1. Pre-approval of the company;

2. The opening of the accounts;

​We are doing the collection of the documents via emails and the customer comes in the bank, when the accounts are open and are working. Of course, if we need some of them in original, we can use post services. Note that the originals will be returned to the client, when he/she is in the bank. The opening of the accounts, also can be done with a POA’s.

VIP international support and financial
VIP international support and financial protection
  • Providing the opportunity of our clients to access different special services in Europe’s territory, incl. places with historical meaning for Europe and the world;

  • Creating companies, their support and management in various jurisdictions of the world;

  • Current accounting of the company's business

  • Compilation of the statutory accounts (monthly - VAT, quarterly, annual and other) and the relevant references to them as well as their protection before the official financial and tax authorities in the country;

  • Representation in inspections and audits;

  • Providing individual tax consultancy;

  • Compilation and submission of reports to the National Statistical Institute;

  • Preparation of tax returns;

  • Preparation and publication of annual financial statements;

  • Internet banking;

  • Advice on the proper compilation of accounting documents;

  • Other

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